Huddle01 earns $2.8 million in leader compensation


Huddle01, a company based in the United States and India that is building the world’s first decentralized real-time communication network dRTC, announced today that it has raised 2.8 million dollars in an initial funding round led by Hivemind, a leader in digital investment, bringing the company’s total funding to 4.5 million dollars.

This round included funds from Superscrypt, M31 Capital, Protocol Labs, East Ventures, Longhash Ventures, Good News Ventures, and prominent angel investors such as Balaji Srinivasan, Stani Kulechov, Dan Romero, and Juan Benet, among others.

Huddle01 is at the forefront of the video and audio communication industry, utilizing block chain technology to make communication faster, cheaper, and more accessible than ever before. We are excited to be a part of a project that has the potential to revolutionize the way people communicate, and we look forward to working with Huddle01 as they progress toward this vision, said Lee Smallwood, Hivemind’s co-founder and CEO.

Huddle01 has taken a three-pronged approach to making audio and video communication more efficient, reliable, and secure, which includes a video meeting platform, AV infrastructure, and a dRTC network. The platform has already hosted over a million minutes of meetings.

Huddle01 intends to expand its ecosystem to be compatible with thousands of applications, as well as launch its network of nodes to facilitate scaled communication and reward users with Huddle01 tokens. Furthermore, Huddle01 will implement grant programs to encourage developers to create innovative applications for Huddle01’s infrastructure and expand its global network.

Huddle01 will also make extensive use of the social networking, gaming, metaverse, and video commerce industries, allowing for rapid growth.We require a real-time, self-sufficient, decentralized communication network with an incentive mechanism.

The use of live video commerce, social networks, games, education, and metaverso.

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