CloudBees Acquires ReleaseIQ DevOps Platform


CloudBees, the premier business software delivery platform, announced today the acquisition of ReleaseIQ to expand the company’s DevSecOps capabilities, providing customers with a low-code, end-to-end release orchestration and visibility solution.

The new SaaS-based product enables DevOps enterprises to swiftly construct and analyze workflows, orchestrating any mix of CI and CD technologies – including Jenkins – without migration or replacement.

DevOps teams now confront excessive development complexity, inefficiency, and cost as a result of disjointed, disconnected CI and CD pipelines. A narrow picture of a single pipeline leads to intelligence gaps and inefficient processes. This new tool helps teams to organize coherent, effective deployments and releases across teams, apps, and environments, as well as providing complete visibility into the software delivery strategy to improve performance.

This non-intrusive pipeline orchestrator is compatible with most CI systems, including CloudBees CI, Jenkins, CircleCI, GitLab, and Bamboo, as well as CD solutions such as ArgoCD or homemade deployment tools.

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