BSM Consulting is acquired by VMG Health


VMG Health, a full-service healthcare strategy and transaction advising business, is pleased to announce the acquisition of BSM Consulting BSM , a specialty healthcare consulting firm based in Reno, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. Northlane Capital Partners NCP and VMG employees own VMG Health. In March 2020, NCP invested in VMG Health.

BSM Consulting, founded in 1978 by Bruce Maller, offers practice management consulting and compliance expertise to clients in ophthalmology and medical aesthetics, as well as ambulatory surgery facilities through its Progressive Surgical Solutions business.

BSM’s bespoke consulting services are supported by a comprehensive set of business management tools and a world-class online learning platform.

BSM’s long-standing reputation for excellent business management consulting and operational solutions is combined with VMG Health’s unrivaled knowledge in healthcare transactions, compliance, and physician alignment. BSM adds new services, such as subscription-based membership programs, recruitment, and leadership development tools, to VMG Health’s commitment to provide a larger range of solutions to satisfy its clients’ needs.

“On behalf of all BSM stakeholders, I want to express our gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to partner with VMG Health,” Bruce Maller stated.


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