Wilya Raises $4M in Seed Funding


Wilya, formerly known as Gig and Take, is a New York City-based B2B SaaS company that offers a skills operating system tailored for HR practices in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors. The company has successfully raised $4 million in seed funding to fuel its growth and development.

Funding Round Details

  • Total Amount Raised: $4 million
  • Lead Investor: Ironspring Ventures
  • Other Participants: Schematic Ventures, Plug & Play Ventures, Iron Prairie Ventures, Motivate Ventures, and 25Madison

Company Overview

CEO and Founder: Rahil Siddiqui

Core Offering: Wilya provides a SaaS platform that enables manufacturing companies to manage HR practices more effectively by:

  • Efficiently allocating skills and resources
  • Promoting a flexible approach to workforce management
  • Introducing and managing flex-worker pools
  • Reducing reliance on expensive contract workers and minimizing forced overtime costs

Use of Funds

The newly secured funds will be used to:

  1. Accelerate Development: Enhance and expand the software solutions offered by Wilya.
  2. Market Expansion: Broaden the company’s reach within the manufacturing and supply chain sectors.
  3. Product Features: Add new features to the platform to address ongoing human capital challenges in the supply chain industry.

Leadership Commentary

Rahil Siddiqui, CEO of Wilya, emphasized the strategic importance of the platform, stating:

“Wilya offers a unique combination of integrated tools to introduce and manage closed pools of skilled, frontline industrial workers. We are eager to expand on our early successes with this fresh capital and exciting new partners. Our new name also better reflects the increasing capabilities of the SaaS platform as we help our customers be more strategic in scaling up and down their skilled labor in a volatile economy.”

What we think

The rebranding to Wilya and the successful seed funding round mark significant milestones for the company. With the support of prominent investors and a clear strategy for growth, Wilya is well-positioned to enhance its product offerings and expand its influence in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors, providing innovative solutions to optimize workforce management and productivity.

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