Weavix Raises $23.6 Million to Expand Smart Radio Platform for Frontline Workers


Weavix, a startup developing “smart” radios for frontline workers, has raised $23.6 million in a funding round led by Insight Partners. The company’s platform offers cellular- and Wi-Fi-based radios with screens and GPS, supporting features such as live and recorded video messaging, text messaging, translation, and transcription.

Weavix aims to address the communication and data needs of frontline workers in industries such as manufacturing, food and beverage production, commercial construction, energy, and hospitality.

The funding will be used to scale operations in the U.S. and expand the company’s workforce to over 150 people by the end of the year. Weavix has already secured multiple Fortune 500 clients.

Key Points:

  • Weavix offers “smart” radios for frontline workers, combining hardware and software to enhance connectivity and productivity.
  • The radios feature screens, GPS, live and recorded video messaging, text messaging, translation, and transcription capabilities.
  • Weavix’s platform allows managers to send alerts, organize incidents reported by workers, and analyze data to improve frontline engagement and efficiency.
  • The funding round, led by Insight Partners, brings Weavix’s total capital raised to $33.6 million.
  • Weavix plans to use the funds to scale its operations in the U.S. and expand its workforce.


  • Kevin Turpin, Co-founder and CEO of Weavix: “The Weavix platform connects the disconnected workforce through communication and data to transform frontline engagement and efficiency at scale.”
  • Grace Kotick, Vice President at Insight Partners: “Weavix’s smart radios and corresponding software unlock a new level of connectivity and productivity for the frontline workforce.”

This funding round underscores the demand for innovative solutions catering to the unique communication needs of frontline workers, with Weavix aiming to further enhance its position in the market through expansion and development efforts.

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