Symbe secures £1.2M Pre-Seed for AI-driven business case creation


Symbe, an innovative AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize the creation of tailored business cases for sales teams, has secured a significant £1.2 million Pre-Seed funding round this week. Founded by a trio of seasoned entrepreneurs, including Martin Blinder (CEO) and Thomas Laurbjerg (CRO), who previously spearheaded the growth of digital healthcare company Tictrac, alongside machine learning expert Xavier Wilders, who successfully launched the SME budgeting platform Beyond Labs, Symbe aims to streamline the process of building compelling business cases.

Drawing from their collective experience in developing B2B tech platforms, the founders identified the pivotal role of customized business cases in driving successful enterprise deals. However, the traditional approach to creating these cases proved to be time-consuming and resource-intensive, involving manual customization of spreadsheets, presentation decks, and financial models. Symbe seeks to alleviate this burden by providing sales teams with an AI-powered solution to effortlessly generate impactful business cases.

Martin Blinder emphasizes the significance of the business case in modern B2B purchasing decisions, highlighting the need for innovative tools that align with the sophistication of products and services offered by companies. Symbe’s platform offers an intuitive way to build customized digital showrooms, fostering trust between buyers and sellers while facilitating the conversion of sales targets into closed deals.

The Pre-Seed round, led by Concept Ventures and supported by Pact VC, Notion Capital, and prominent angel investors such as Fedor Chmile and Richard Hadler, underscores the market’s recognition of Symbe’s disruptive potential. Oliver Kicks, Partner at Concept Ventures, commends Symbe for tapping into an underserved market and leveraging AI and machine learning to redefine how companies approach sales positioning and deal closure.

With this investment, Symbe plans to expand its team, enhance the platform’s capabilities, and accelerate its global growth trajectory. As Symbe continues to empower sales teams with cutting-edge AI-driven solutions, the future of business case creation promises to be more efficient, impactful, and scalable than ever before.

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