StrikeReady Secures $12 Million for Industry-First AI Security Command Platform


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StrikeReady, a pioneering force in AI-driven cybersecurity, has announced a successful $12 million funding round led by 33N Ventures. Other notable participants include Hitachi Ventures, Monta Vista Capital, and industry veterans Brian NeSmith, Executive Chairman and former CEO at Arctic Wolf, and Rod Beckstrom, former CEO of ICANN and Founding Director of U.S. National Cybersecurity Center (now CISA).

The Series A funding underscores StrikeReady’s commitment to revolutionizing cybersecurity with its innovative AI security operations platform. This platform stands out for its vendor-neutral approach, seamlessly integrating with existing security tools and unifying the entire tech stack. By centralizing and operationalizing security functions, StrikeReady empowers Security Operations Center (SOC) teams to make smarter, faster decisions and mount proactive defenses against security threats.

Traditional SOC environments face challenges in managing security due to the complexity of tools and a shortage of skilled professionals. StrikeReady addresses these challenges by reinventing how security technologies work together and providing a comprehensive view of security threats. The company’s solution streamlines and automates security operations, enabling better response to complex threats and ultimately strengthening organizations’ cybersecurity posture.

Yasir Khalid, Founder and CEO of StrikeReady, highlighted the platform’s ability to enhance SOC capabilities and scale AI automation affordably. The funding will accelerate market awareness and growth, further establishing StrikeReady as a leader in cybersecurity.

Despite challenging investment conditions, StrikeReady’s innovative AI solution has garnered significant investor confidence. The company plans to utilize the new funding to enhance its product leadership in AI-based SOC technology, expand its global go-to-market team, and scale its infrastructure.

Carlos Moreira da Silva, Co-founder and Partner at 33N Ventures, emphasized StrikeReady’s commitment to seamless integrations and compatibility with diverse tools used by SOC teams. The company’s dedication to breaking the mold of conventional security solutions sets it apart in the cybersecurity landscape.

Galina Sagan, Principal at Hitachi Ventures, commended StrikeReady for pioneering a groundbreaking AI-powered Security Command Center. The platform’s hybrid model combines human intuition with advanced AI and ML technologies, bridging the cybersecurity skills gap and empowering security teams to combat evolving threats effectively.

Founded in 2019, StrikeReady continues to lead the charge in AI-driven cybersecurity with its unified, vendor-agnostic security command center. The company’s forward-thinking AI technology has received validation from Gartner, positioning it as a key player in the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

For security leaders seeking more information on StrikeReady’s AI-powered security platform, demos are available upon request, or visit the website to learn more.

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