Stonal raises €100M to scaleup its AI-powered proptech platform


Stonal, a French proptech company has secured a significant €100 million investment from Aareon, a leading provider of SaaS solutions for the property industry. This funding underscores the growing demand within the real estate sector for advanced technological solutions to tackle its pressing challenges.

Founded in 2017, Stonal specializes in data management for real estate owners and investors across Europe. Their AI-powered platform extracts and organizes information from documents and blueprints, facilitating accurate and up-to-date databases for stakeholders such as property managers and insurers. Stonal’s decision-making modules offer ESG reporting and CapEx planning, enhancing productivity and maximizing returns for clients in both residential and commercial real estate.

In early 2024, Stonal launched StonalGPT, the first generative AI solution tailored specifically for real estate stakeholders. This innovative platform has already garnered over 130 clients managing a combined portfolio exceeding 200 million sqm across Europe.

Robin Rivaton, CEO of Stonal, emphasized the transformative potential of AI in reshaping the real estate industry, highlighting the importance of scaling up data capabilities for training AI systems. The investment from Aareon will accelerate Stonal’s expansion across Europe, positioning them as leaders in AI-driven real estate solutions.

Harry Thomsen, CEO of Aareon, described the investment as a strategic move to enhance their product portfolio and leverage AI technology within the Aareon Group. By strengthening their partnership with Stonal, Aareon aims to meet the evolving needs of their customers while delivering innovation and operational excellence in data management solutions.

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