SapientAI Secures $5 Million


SapientAI, the inventor of AI Test Coder, came out of the woodwork today with $5 million in seed funding from 8VC, Correlation Ventures, and GTMfund. SapientAI combines the power of generative AI with a code intelligence “co-pilot” to help engineers manage and generate test code. AI Test Coder, led by CEO/founder Rishi Singh (co-founder of DevOps platform business Harness), generates exact test code to assist developers in building products faster and ensuring releases are consistent across all platforms, all while maintaining quality.

The “shift left” trend seeks to drive testing and quality assurance ahead in order to find and address defects more quickly. As a result, developers are now in charge of quality control and balancing speed and quality at the same time. Writing test code, on the other hand, is time-consuming, prone to human mistake, and a huge impediment to producing better software faster.

AI Test Coder is a free IDE plugin that allows developers to focus on designing outstanding applications rather than manually coding code. It is the first and only test code generator that combines generative AI and code intelligence to offer software engineers a testing “co-pilot.” AI Test Coder does more than just write code; it verifies that the code is right, with no guesswork.

SapientAI created AI Test Coder, the only platform that combines contextual insights, coding intelligence, and generative AI to automatically develop correct test code in difficult contexts. It handles the full test spectrum and executes quality-assurance tests without the developer having to write a single line of test code. AI Test Coder frees up developers to focus on what they do best, increasing productivity and business value.

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