Right-Hand Cybersecurity Raises $5 Million in Series A Funding to Reduce Employee


Right-Hand Cybersecurity, a pioneer in Human Risk Management for cybersecurity, announced today the completion of a $5 million Series A round led by former PayPal executive Jack Selby and his firm AZ-VC, Arizona’s largest venture capital firm.

With the successful completion of its Series A round, Right-Hand will expand its operations across the United States and Asia-Pacific, while investing heavily in its Human Risk Management platform, which integrates seamlessly with other widely used and relied-upon security solutions.

Right-Hand takes a human-centered approach to cybersecurity, improving employee behaviors in real-time that would otherwise be prone to cascading potentially devastating cybersecurity breaches.

Right-Human Hand’s Risk Management platform aggregates employee security behaviors and alerts in real-time from its existing platform and other market-leading Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Email Security, and Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies, and assigns different behaviors a risk score that key stakeholders can easily interpret to gain visibility into employee risk in plain business terms.

Right-platform Hand’s then analyzes the gathered employee data to generate real-time interactive and adaptive training, allowing individuals to master cybersecurity behaviors that keep their organizations and themselves safer online.

Right-Hand intends to continue expanding its platform integrations across the most widely used technologies in their customers’ environments, allowing the data from each disparate product to play a critical role in improving employee behaviors and lowering risk tendencies.

And by keeping the training experience short, gamified, and to the point, security teams and employees benefit equally.

Right-Hand Cybersecurity is a platform that aims to track and proactively shape behaviors in order to reduce cybersecurity breaches caused by human errors, resulting in fewer security alerts to the SOC.

It provides dynamic training tailored to individual users based on their risk tendencies and behaviors, identifying those most likely to catalyze a breach and driving behavior change accordingly. Right-Hand is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with additional offices in Singapore.

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