Rgenta Therapeutics Raises $52M in Series A Funding Round


Rgenta Therapeutics Inc. today announced the completion of a $52 million Series A round headed by AZ-CICC Healthcare Investment Fund, with participation from all current and new investors, including Korean Investment Partners and Delos Capital. Rgenta Therapeutics focuses on the development of RNA-targeting therapeutics for hitherto untreatable disease targets.

Rgenta Therapeutics is developing a pipeline of oral, small-molecule RNA-targeting medicines with an initial focus on oncology and neurological disorders. Its proprietary platform mines the massive genomics data to identify targetable RNA processing events and design small-molecule glues to modulate the interactions among the spliceosome, regulatory proteins, and RNAs.

Rgenta has an integrative discovery platform that analyzes massive amounts of human genomics data to identify regulatory sites in RNAs amenable to selective modulation by small molecules, and then rapidly screens for drug-like small molecules to target RNAs and thus regulate protein production or alter protein functions.

The $52 million new funding will be used to accelerate the development of the lead projects, improve target discovery, expand platform capabilities, and advance a pipeline of promising RNA-targeting medicines across a variety of illness indications.

A robust syndicate of lead investors, including Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund, Matrix Partners China, Lilly Asia Venture, and Vivo Capital, seeded Rgenta. The addition of the AZ-CICC Healthcare Investment Fund and the new Series A investors broadens Rgenta’s strong investor base and allows the company’s oncology and neurology programs to advance.

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