Red Door Community Raises Over $300,000 at Annual Luncheon Celebrating Women Working and Living with Cancer


Red Door Community hosted its annual Celebrating Women Working and Living with Cancer Luncheon at the Metropolitan Club in New York City, raising more than $300,000. The event shone a spotlight on the women who inspire through their daily courage and leadership.

More than 175 guests attended the luncheon, including Red Door Community donors, corporate allies, and members who participate in the free cancer support programs. The gathering provided an opportunity for individuals from various walks of life to socialize and learn about the organization’s initiatives designed to supplement clinical cancer treatments with essential psychosocial support.

Gerri Willis, author and correspondent with Fox Business News, hosted the event, sharing her own experience with cancer. The event featured several key speakers, including the introduction of new CEO Dan Latore, who emphasized the uniqueness of Red Door Community’s work in providing unwavering support at every stage of the cancer experience. Latore outlined his vision for the organization’s future, which will be built on the core ideals of community, trust, and respect.

The Red Door Award for Leadership was presented to Jami Rubin, former Board Director and current Chief Financial Officer at Boundless Bio. Rubin’s remarks touched on the importance of risk-taking, both in driving innovation in oncology and in the emotional risks taken by Red Door Community members. She highlighted the courage of members who commit to total honesty and share their experiences, even when it is painful.

The highlight of the event was LaDawn Jefferson, a Red Door Community member and single mother from Brooklyn living with advanced cancer. She shared her journey, from the impersonal way she learned of her diagnosis to the repeated treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. LaDawn emphasized her continued roles as a mother and caregiver despite her diagnosis. She expressed how finding Red Door Community gave her a place to share her feelings and be understood without judgment.

Before discovering Red Door Community, LaDawn’s only outlet was her journal, where she wrote about her fears and the struggle of living with cancer. Her journal entry reflected her desperate need for help, which she found through Red Door Community. LaDawn’s emotional story and her announcement that she will be running in this year’s TCS NYC Marathon as part of the Red Door Runners team were met with thunderous applause. She invited the audience to come out and support the team, ending her speech with a heartfelt “thank you for your support.”

The success of the luncheon underscores the importance of Red Door Community’s mission to provide comprehensive support to individuals affected by cancer, ensuring no one faces the journey alone.

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