Radar Therapeutics Secures $13.4M in Seed Funding to Develop Smart Programmable Medicines


Radar Therapeutics, a Berkeley, CA-based biotech company focused on developing smart programmable medicines, has raised $13.4 million in seed funding. The funding round was led by NfX Bio and included major investors such as Eli Lilly and Company, Biovision Ventures, and KdT Ventures, with additional participation from PearVC, BEVC, and other investors.

Use of Funds
Radar Therapeutics plans to utilize the funds to advance its internal programs, expand its team, and pursue partnerships.

Company Leadership

  • CEO: Sophia Lugo
  • CSO and President: Eerik Kaseniit, PhD

Technological Focus
Radar Therapeutics is developing programmable genetic and mRNA-based therapeutics. Their innovative approach uses RNA sensors—mRNAs that regulate their expression based on other RNAs within the cell. This technology allows for targeted and timed delivery of drug payloads to specific cells at the right moment, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of treatments.

Scientific Advisory Board
The company benefits from the expertise of its scientific advisory board, which includes:

  • Xiaojing Gao, Ph.D., Co-Founder
  • James J. Collins, Ph.D., Co-Founder
  • David Schaffer, Ph.D.
  • Eric Klein, M.D.
  • Svetlana Lucas, Ph.D.

Radar Therapeutics aims to revolutionize the field of precision medicine with its RADAR platform, enabling the development of “smart,” rationally designed therapeutics that deliver more precise and effective treatments for various medical conditions.

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