Quadra, a Utah software startup, has raised a million-dollar seed investment


Quadra Inc.’s leadership announced the completion of $1,009,500 in seed-round funding. Several strategic syndicate investors contributed to the funding, which was led by investment firm Fortify Capital Partners.
Fortify Capital Partners is an angel syndicate based in northern Utah led by experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Fortify Capital Partners represents a diverse range of interests, including family offices, former founders, entrepreneurs, and career angel investors, and uses their network to provide strategic value and mentorship to the companies in which they invest.

Quadra is targeting a $4.9 billion market, led by proven leading experts in the category,” said Fortify Capital Partners’ leadership. “This diverse team has extensive experience in print-on-demand business operations, scaling ecommerce businesses, product manufacturing, software development, and software implementation.

Prior to this investment, the Quadra founders had completely bootstrapped the company, resulting in the successful launch of their first version of software, which added hundreds of ecommerce sellers to their growing customer base.

They recently opened a new office in Logan, Utah, with 12 employees. According to Brian Rueckert, co-founder and head of operations at Quadra, we funded the development of the first version of the Quadra Marketplace app with profits from our own ecommerce store.

That is why we are so committed to continuing to develop Quadra – ecommerce has already changed our lives, and we want to share those benefits with others.Quadra Inc. is an ecommerce marketplace founded by and for sellers.

Quadra was founded in Logan, Utah by John Sanders, Scott Carpenter, and Brian Rueckert with the goal of assisting people all over the world in starting their own businesses and monetizing their creativity.

Quadra provides ecommerce sellers with the knowledge and resources they need to launch their own ecommerce business, with a focus on print on demand and dropshipping strategies.

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