Push Security Raises $15 Million and Introduces New Visibility

Push Security


Push Security, a SaaS security company that simplifies security for modern IT and cybersecurity teams, has raised $15 million in Series A funding. GV The funding was led by Google Ventures, with participation from Decibel and notable angels such as Dug Song, co-founder and former CEO of Duo Security, and Tray.io co-founder and CEO Rich Waldron. Karim Faris, GV General Partner, and Jon Oberheide, co-founder and former CTO of Duo Security, have joined the board.

Hundreds of teams and over 50,000 users rely on Push Security to detect any employee-owned SaaS deployed within the organization and quickly remediate critical security vulnerabilities caused by SaaS use.

After launching in July 2022, the company focused on strong UX and building the right features to ensure Push was scalable, capable of supporting the smallest to the largest organizations, and that the product could provide a fully self-service purchasing and onboarding process.

Push has seen a 14X increase in revenue in the first quarter of 2023, now that the company can focus on commercial success.

Unchecked SaaS usage has increased significantly in the last year, according to Push data, resulting in rising costs and security risks for enterprises.

Push has added nearly 500 SaaS apps since its launch last year in July 2022.
A single employee used 41 percent of Microsoft 365 app integrations and 55 percent of Google Workspace app integrations.
Access to high-risk assets and data, such as email, calendars, and shared drives, was granted in 23% of Microsoft integrations and 17% of Google integrations.
IT only approved one-third of Microsoft app integrations via OAuth. The remaining two-thirds were provisioned directly by employees, with no oversight or visibility from IT.

Push is a scalable method of securing SaaS by empowering employees to quickly and easily resolve issues. With Push, security teams transform from enforcers to business enablers, assisting employees in using the tools they require to be productive.

We monitor employee SaaS activity and provide just-in-time guidance to assist employees in making good security decisions about how they use and access SaaS.

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