Nirvana Water Sciences Secures $2.625 Million Investment for Growth and Joint Venture


Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., an innovative wellness and functional beverage company, has successfully secured a $2.625 million investment from Flagstaff International, Inc. and other existing investors. This funding will be utilized to fuel the growth of Nirvana’s new functional spring waters and seltzers in traditional retail settings, as well as support a new joint venture with Inspire Health Alliance, LLC, a pioneering health care service network boasting a strong presence of over 1,500 physicians and surgeons across the United States.

The joint venture aims to introduce a line of dietary supplements specifically designed to boost and protect lean muscle mass, a critical concern for consumers in current times. One of the key products in this line is the three-ounce Nirvana Super™ Pro shots, which are infused with three grams of myHMB® Clear, an exclusive multi-patented water-soluble HMB muscle wellness ingredient developed by Nirvana, along with other proprietary ingredients.

Rick Salas, co-owner of Flagstaff International, Inc. and managing partner of Inspire Health Alliance, expressed confidence in the health and wellness benefits of HMB, the primary ingredient in Nirvana’s Super™ Pro products. He believes that these supplements will provide their physicians with an effective tool to achieve better outcomes for patients.

Nirvana’s Scientific Advisory Board, led by world-renowned scientist and expert on systemic muscle inflammation and muscle wasting, Naji Abumrad, M.D., F.A.C.S., has extensively researched the health benefits of HMB. Dr. Abumrad highlighted the significance of HMB supplementation in reversing muscle atrophy, particularly after traumatic events like surgery, which often lead to muscle loss.

David Vanderveen, CEO of Nirvana Water Sciences, expressed excitement about partnering with Inspire Health Alliance to promote muscle wellness through their Nirvana Super™ Pro dietary supplement shots. He emphasized that this partnership aligns perfectly with the company’s mission, which is to help people transform their bodies at a cellular level, enabling them to lead stronger, longer, and more active lives.

The joint venture with Inspire Health Alliance marks a significant milestone for Nirvana Water Sciences as it continues to make strides in the wellness and functional beverage market. With a focus on muscle wellness and leveraging their patented HMB ingredient, Nirvana aims to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of consumers nationwide.

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