Metrika and Zodia Custody Partner on Digital Asset Risk Management


Zodia Custody, a leading institution-first digital asset custodian backed by Standard Chartered, SBI Holdings, Northern Trust, and National Australia Bank, has partnered with Metrika, an industry-leading risk management platform for digital assets.

Key Aspects of the Partnership

  • Objective: To enhance risk management capabilities for digital assets, addressing the increasing need for robust risk assessment and compliance as blockchain technology sees wider adoption.
  • Functionality: Metrika’s platform automates risk assessment and compliance processes, enabling financial institutions to streamline operations and focus on strategic priorities. The collaboration aims to provide continuous risk monitoring, robust risk management frameworks, and compliance assurance.

Statements from Leaders

  • Anoosh Arevshatian, Chief Risk Officer of Zodia Custody: “Collaborating with Metrika is the natural next step for us, enhancing risk management in the digital asset industry. Our combined expertise will offer institutions the reassurance of working with institutional-grade standards.”
  • Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos, Founder & CEO of Metrika: “Partnering with Zodia Custody underscores our commitment to providing top-tier risk management for digital assets. This collaboration enhances the value proposition for institutional clients by combining secure digital asset storage and continuous risk monitoring.”

Upcoming Discussion

  • Event: Point Zero Forum workshop session on “Navigating the Future of Digital Asset Risk Management”
  • Date: July 2
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Topics: Managing risks associated with digital assets, regulatory trends, technological advancements including AI, and industry best practices.

Zodia Custody, backed by Standard Chartered in association with Northern Trust, SBI Holdings, and National Australia Bank, is a leading institution-first digital asset custodian. It aims to enable institutional investors to realize the full potential of digital assets through advanced technology, custody, governance, and compliance. Zodia Custody is registered with multiple regulatory bodies, including the FCA in the UK, the Central Bank of Ireland, the CSSF in Luxembourg, and the Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers in Hong Kong.

Metrika is a leader in blockchain risk management, providing proactive risk assessment and compliance across digital asset services. The company helps financial institutions implement strategic risk frameworks, navigate regulatory compliance, and protect operations with ongoing monitoring and surveillance.

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