Metalex Secures $2M in Seed Funding Led by Endura Capital Management

Metalex, an emerging mining and metals company in Africa, has secured $2 million in seed funding led by Endura Capital Management. With a strategic partnership in place, Metalex is poised to drive growth in the African commodities market while prioritizing responsible mining practices and fostering local economic opportunities.


Metalex, a rising mining and metals company operating across Africa, has successfully raised $2 million in seed funding. This injection of capital will empower the company to expand its metal processing operations, bolster its technology platform, and expand its talented team.

Endura Capital Management, a hedge fund based in Sun Valley, Idaho, took the lead in the funding round. This partnership has also paved the way for the creation of the Endura Metalex African Opportunities Fund, a joint venture with a capitalization of $10 million. The primary objective of this collaboration is to provide trade finance support for Metalex’s operations in key markets.

Metalex Ayo Sopitan CEO of Metalex
Ayo Sopitan, CEO of Metalex

Ayo Sopitan, the CEO of Metalex, expressed immense gratitude for the backing of Endura Capital and other investors. Sopitan stated, “We are thrilled to have the support of Endura Capital and our other investors as we continue to expand our business across Africa. With our own processing facilities and strategic partnerships with local miners in key markets like Zambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and others, we are well-positioned to establish a robust and efficient operation.”

Endura Capital Management shares in the excitement of this partnership. JD McDonnell, Managing Partner at Endura, emphasized their belief in the growth potential of the commodities sector in Africa. McDonnell stated, “We firmly believe that the commodities sector in Africa represents a tremendous growth opportunity, and we are confident that our partnership with Metalex will enable us to identify and invest in the most promising sectors within this space.”

With the infusion of this new funding and the strategic partnership with Endura Capital Management, Metalex, led by CEO Ayo Sopitan and COO Sev Bazil, is poised to emerge as a key player in the African commodities market. This development not only creates new avenues for growth and investment but also opens doors to economic opportunities for local communities in host countries.

Metalex’s expansion plans, fueled by the recent funding round, will contribute to job creation and economic development in Africa. With a strong focus on responsible mining practices and collaborative partnerships, Metalex is set to make a significant impact in the African mining and metals industry, forging a path towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

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