London-based Bladder Health Startup, Jude, Raises £3.4 Million to Expand to the US


Jude, a London-based startup focused on bladder health, has successfully secured $4.24 million (£3.36 million) in a seed financing round, with plans to expand its operations to the United States. According to Jude, approximately 2.3 billion people worldwide suffer from some form of bladder-related issue, with incontinence impacting more individuals than menopause, erectile dysfunction, and endometriosis combined.

Jude’s range of services includes medical assessments conducted via phone or online, supplements, and a line of underwear, liners, and pads tailored to bladder health needs.

Peony Li, CEO and founder of Jude, highlighted the chronic underfunding and limited research in women’s health, particularly in the area of bladder health. She expressed her commitment to improving the entire journey, from identifying symptoms to finding effective solutions for individuals with bladder health concerns.

In addition to the seed financing round, Jude has received a grant of £400,000 from Innovate UK.

Peony Li has previous experience as the Head of Operations at the femtech company Daye and as the Head of Investments at Founders Factory.

The seed round was led by Eka Ventures and Joyance, with support from Dr. Fiona Pathiraja of Crista Galli Ventures and additional investment from June Angelides of Samos VC.

Camilla Dolan, General Partner at Eka Ventures, emphasized the absence of a comprehensive player in the market offering solutions for the prevention, treatment, and management of incontinence and prostate-related issues, as well as a player focused on promoting healthy aging. Jude aims to fill this gap in the market and improve bladder health for individuals worldwide.

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