Jersey Telecom and RoamsysNext Team Up for IoT Network Optimization Solution


Jersey Telecom (JT Group) has collaborated with RoamsysNext to launch a solution called IoT Certification Manager (ICM) to address the challenges posed by the rapid growth of IoT devices. With the number of IoT devices expected to double to 27 billion by 2025, JT’s ICM aims to help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and enterprise partners manage network congestion caused by uncertified devices.

ICM provides insights and analytics, allowing operators to identify and take necessary actions against uncertified or unfamiliar devices that may disrupt network performance. It not only optimizes network performance but also enhances cybersecurity, ensuring that only trusted devices connect to the network. The solution aligns Type Allocation Code (TAC) with certification data to uniquely identify each IoT device.

Marcus Irwin, Head of Product Innovation at JT, emphasized that ICM is a groundbreaking solution that addresses the challenges posed by the growing number of IoT devices. It consolidates multiple data sources into a single interface, allowing operators to easily identify and verify IoT devices on their network.

Michael Grasmück, CEO of RoamsysNext, highlighted the comprehensive, single-source solution that ICM provides to address network congestion and improve services for customers and businesses.

Key features of JT IoT CM include network congestion resolution, device management, enhanced cybersecurity, and OEM assurance. The solution is available through a yearly subscription for mobile network operators, MVNOs, enterprise businesses, and OEMs.

JT Group, headquartered in the British Channel Islands, is a government-owned global connectivity and business solutions provider. The company has a strong international presence, offering services such as SIM swap prevention, mobile number portability, and enterprise messaging. In 2018, JT completed a socially inclusive project, bringing fiber-optic broadband to every home and business in Jersey.

In 2023, the company announced its largest investment, the Channel Islands network transformation program, aimed at improving mobile network capabilities and preparing for future technological advancements, including 5G.

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