IXL Learning acquires Teachers Pay Teachers, the world’s largest platform for educator-created content


IXL Learning, a leading educational technology company, has announced its acquisition of Teachers Pay Teachers, the world’s largest online marketplace for teacher-created educational resources. The acquisition will help IXL expand its offerings for teachers and students, as well as increase its reach in the K-12 education market.

Teachers Pay Teachers was founded in 2006 by a former teacher who wanted to provide a platform for educators to share and sell their classroom materials. Today, the site has over 7 million registered users and more than 4 million resources available for purchase, ranging from lesson plans and activities to assessments and classroom decor.

IXL Learning, which offers personalized learning experiences to students through its adaptive software, sees the acquisition as a way to expand its offerings for teachers and provide them with more resources to support their instruction. “We are excited to welcome Teachers Pay Teachers to the IXL Learning family,” said the CEO of IXL Learning. “Their dedication to empowering teachers and their passion for improving student outcomes aligns perfectly with our mission. We look forward to working together to provide even more tools and resources to educators around the world.”

The acquisition also presents an opportunity for Teachers Pay Teachers to grow its user base and continue to support educators in new and innovative ways. “IXL Learning has a strong track record of providing effective and engaging educational tools to students,” said the CEO of Teachers Pay Teachers. “Together, we can help even more educators find the resources they need to create dynamic and effective learning experiences for their students.”

Overall, the acquisition of Teachers Pay Teachers by IXL Learning highlights the growing importance of educational technology and the role it plays in supporting teachers and students. With the integration of Teachers Pay Teachers’ resources and community into IXL Learning’s offerings, educators will have access to even more tools and materials to help them support student learning and achieve positive outcomes.

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