Instructure Holdings Acquires Scribbles


Instructure Holdings, a Salt Lake City-based company focused on educational technology, has acquired Scribbles, a Charlotte, NC-based provider of credentialing and records management solutions for K-12 school districts across the United States. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

This acquisition aims to expand Instructure’s credentialing network within the K-12 sector, enhancing support for district transfer and student mobility. By integrating Scribbles’ expertise, Instructure intends to bolster its mission of providing educational credentials that create lifelong opportunities for learners.

Steve Daly, CEO of Instructure, emphasized that this move aligns with their goal of supporting educators and institutions in their efforts to improve student success, enhance teaching, and foster collaborative learning environments.

Scribbles specializes in managing academic credentials and records, which is crucial for ensuring smooth district transfers and maintaining accurate student records. Their services are designed to support the needs of K-12 school districts in handling student mobility and credentialing efficiently.

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