inHEART raised $11m in a funding round


inHEART, a leading medical device company specializing in AI-driven solutions for cardiac care, has secured $11 million in funding to bolster its innovative offerings and expand its market reach. The investment, led by Vesalius Biocapital IV and co-led by Elaia Partners, signifies a significant step forward in advancing the development and deployment of inHEART’s groundbreaking technologies.

The funding will primarily support the commercial expansion of inHEART’s flagship product, the digital twin of the heart, across key markets in the US, EU, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. This revolutionary software solution, powered by artificial intelligence, provides unparalleled precision in cardiac ablation procedures, enabling physicians to tailor treatments to individual patients’ unique anatomies.

Moreover, inHEART will use the funds to further develop predictive models for heart failure, sudden cardiac death, and cardio-embolic stroke, enhancing early screening and disease detection capabilities. The company aims to leverage AI-driven insights to optimize clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes.

“We’re thrilled to have the support of a diverse group of investors who share our vision of transforming cardiac care with AI technology,” said Todor Jeliaskov, Chairman and CEO of inHEART. “This funding will enable us to continue pioneering innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of medical interventions while prioritizing patient safety and quality of care.”

The financing round underscores the growing recognition of inHEART’s contributions to the healthcare industry and its potential to revolutionize cardiac care worldwide. With a focus on personalized therapy options and predictive analytics, inHEART is poised to lead the way in addressing global healthcare needs and advancing the standard of cardiac treatment.

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