Iguazio is acquired by McKinsey


McKinsey is delighted to welcome Iguazio, a pioneer in artificial intelligence and machine learning, to the business. McKinsey will be able to rapidly expedite and scale AI deployments with the addition of Iguazio’s technology and a staff of more than 70 data and AI professionals, resulting in more impact for clients.

Change has never been more rapid. Harnessing the power of AI is critical for success in today’s competitive economy. According to McKinsey research, firms throughout the world invested more than $490 billion on AI from 2012 to 2021. However, most business executives are still failing to translate these investments into tangible benefits, with only 10% of AI projects successfully emerging from the lab and being implemented in real-world corporate situations.

QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey has been working with customers for more than a decade to incorporate AI into real-time decision making to help address the world’s most difficult challenges.

QuantumBlack, in collaboration with Iguazio, will be able to give clients with industry-specific AI solutions that are five times more productive, eight times faster from proof-of-concept to production, and twice as dependable.

Over time, the Iguazio and QuantumBlack teams will be fully integrated, working from a single product roadmap to combine each firm’s finest technical assets into a single offering. Our new solution will enable us to incorporate AI into real-time decision making and capture full value in order to assist customers in driving sustainable and inclusive growth.

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