GrowthCurve Capital Acquires Duetto


GrowthCurve Capital, a New York City-based private equity firm that leverages data, analytics, and machine learning to build businesses, has acquired Duetto, a San Francisco-based provider of revenue management software for the hospitality industry.

Acquisition Details

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Strategic Implications

The acquisition will enable GrowthCurve to accelerate its AI strategy by:

  • Developing New AI Products: Enhancing its portfolio with innovative AI-driven solutions.
  • Launching New Business Lines: Expanding its market reach and diversifying its offerings.
  • Expanding into New Markets: Increasing its global footprint in the hospitality sector.

About Duetto

Duetto, led by CEO David Woolenberg, specializes in revenue management solutions designed to simplify hotel operations and optimize revenue. The company focuses on organic product development, data integration, and creating cohesive platforms that drive profitability and growth for hotels worldwide.

  • Key Offerings:
  • GameChanger: A pricing optimization tool.
  • ScoreBoard: An intelligent reporting solution.
  • BlockBuster: A tool for optimizing contracted business.
  • OpenSpace: The latest product, a revenue management solution and booking engine for meeting and event spaces, was launched recently.

Market Reach

Duetto’s applications are used by over 6,000 hotel and casino resort properties across more than 60 countries.


The acquisition of Duetto by GrowthCurve Capital is a strategic move to enhance AI capabilities and expand market reach in the hospitality industry. With Duetto’s advanced revenue management solutions, GrowthCurve aims to drive growth and profitability for its clients, while also pioneering new innovations in AI and machine learning.

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