Giacom Strengthens Microsoft Cloud Offerings with Acquisition of intY


Giacom, a technology company based in Suffolk, England, has completed the acquisition of intY, a UK-based Microsoft cloud services provider previously owned by ScanSource. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. This acquisition expands Giacom’s capabilities in the Microsoft cloud domain and reinforces its position in the market, particularly in serving the SMB-focused UK channel.

Founded in 1997 and operating from Bristol, England, intY specializes in cloud computing, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Symantec Cloud, cloud backup, cloud migration, and more. Giacom, with 325 employees, focuses on communications, cloud services, IT, and billing.

The acquisition includes intY’s UK revenues, partners, and business operations. Approximately 1500 partners from intY will be integrated into Giacom’s operations, aiming to provide continuity of service and introduce new opportunities to partners. Giacom plans to offer a diverse range of products and services, including cloud solutions, communications, hardware, and billing, to its partners.

Terry O’Brien, CEO of Giacom, expressed delight in the acquisition, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing robust solutions to partners in the Microsoft cloud services sector. The integration is expected to strengthen Giacom’s market presence and support for partners in the SMB-focused UK channel.

Marcus Ollenbuttel, SVP of Digital Distribution, Europe at intY, highlighted the exciting step of joining forces with Giacom and anticipated a smooth integration process. The acquisition is seen as a substantial benefit to enhancing intY’s ability to support and add value to its partners.

The move reflects the ongoing trend of technology companies strategically acquiring firms to expand their service offerings and strengthen their position in specific market segments. The combined expertise of Giacom and intY is expected to create synergies that benefit partners in the evolving landscape of cloud services and technology solutions.

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