Furniture Maker Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Shuts Down, Laying Off Hundreds of Workers

The majority of the 533 laid-off workers are from the Taylorsville facility.


Cincinnati-Signature-Store / Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, a North Carolina furniture maker, has suddenly closed down, resulting in the layoff of hundreds of workers. The company had its headquarters in Alexander County since the late 1980s and expanded its retail presence nationwide.

The closure affects three facilities in different towns across the state, including Hiddenite, Statesville, and Taylorsville. The majority of the 533 laid-off workers are from the Taylorsville facility.

The sudden shutdown has shocked the community as the company was a major employer in the region. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams filed for bankruptcy just days after laying off its workers.

Local companies and out-of-state firms have expressed interest in hiring the laid-off workers, and a job fair is being organized to expedite the process.

The closure has had a significant impact on the community, which heavily relies on the furniture industry for employment and income.

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