Fount Raised $12M Series A Funding Led by Amity Ventures

Fount Bio Funding


Fount, an experiment-driven health and performance optimization company, has announced a $12 million Series A fundraise to expand its mission of making tailored health and performance optimization available to more people.

The funding round was led by Amity Ventures and included participation from Elysian Park Ventures, Not Boring Capital, Allen & Co, Champion Hill Ventures, and angel investors. Fount plans to expand its Fount Pro service and launch new products to solve high-impact challenges in sleep and women’s health in 2023.

Fount Pro, the company’s flagship offering, offers individualized, n=1 experimentation combined with one-on-one coaching from sleep researchers, Olympic sports scientists, and former military special operators to optimize energy, focus, mood, sleep, gut health, longevity, fertility, and body composition. Fount also combines its proprietary data sets with world-class AI expertise to create scalable products.

Fount’s unique approach to health and performance optimization has garnered the attention of investors and clients alike. Its use of n=1 experimentation, combined with one-on-one coaching from experts in various fields, has proven highly effective for a wide range of clients, including executives, entrepreneurs, and new parents. The success of the Fount Pro program and the upcoming launch of additional products for sleep and women’s health demonstrate the company’s commitment to making tailored health and performance optimization accessible to a wider audience.

Fount’s proprietary data sets and AI expertise have also played a critical role in the company’s success. By combining these tools, Fount has been able to create uniquely effective and scalable products that address high-impact challenges. Its FlyKitt technology, for example, is the first true solution to jet lag, offering travelers the ability to travel anywhere in the world with minimal to no jet lag based on novel scientific insights into the role of inflammation in jet lag. With early results showing a 90% reduction in symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Fount’s upcoming products for sleep and women’s health are likely to be equally groundbreaking.

The $12M Series A fundraise, led by Amity Ventures with participation from several other funds and angel investors, is a testament to Fount’s success and potential for growth. With this funding, Fount will be able to expand its world-class Fount Pro service and develop new products to solve high-impact challenges. The company’s experiment-driven approach, combined with its use of AI and proprietary data sets, positions it well for continued success in the health and performance optimization industry.

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