Secures $100M Capital Investment from Global Emerging Markets (GEM)



Event technology pioneer announced today that it has received a $100 million capital commitment in the form of a Share Subscription Facility (SSF) from Gem Global Yield LLC SCS (GGY). Through acquisitions, partnerships, and organic initiatives, the SSF will accelerate the company’s growth strategy. Following an equity exchange listing, will be able to draw up to $100 million under this customized agreement. recently purchased multiple companies, including the world’s premier artificial intelligence and machine-learning event discovery company, a company that provides event sponsorship technology, and a significant industry-leading ticketing company. These acquisitions pave the way for growth and a major launch in 2023. The company will also shortly announce a fourth purchase and is aiming to acquire more businesses. is a platform that helps passionate people create, promote, discover, enjoy, and make the most of every event. With its end-to-end event management solutions, gives organizers access to a suite of products for every step of the event life cycle, allowing organizers to save time and generate more revenue. offers sponsorship and promotional tools, event management software, event calendars, digital marketing services, on-site check-in, and on-site sales to make the event organizing process a smooth experience from start to finish.

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