Dripos Raised $11M Series A Funding to Revolutionize Coffee Shop Operations


Dripos, a specialized software platform designed for coffee shops, has secured an $11 million Series A funding round led by Base10. This investment marks a significant milestone for Dripos as it continues its mission to revolutionize coffee shop operations.

The rapid adoption of Dripos by coffee shop owners has fueled the company’s remarkable growth. In 2023 alone, Dripos experienced a 400% increase in the number of locations using its platform, expanding its presence to coffee shops across 46 states and processing hundreds of millions in annual payments. Dripos stands out for seamlessly integrating various tools, including point-of-sale (POS) and mobile payments, employee management, loyalty programs, marketing automation, and administrative functions like accounting and banking. This comprehensive approach has made Dripos the preferred solution for coffee shop owners seeking efficiency and productivity enhancements.

Jack Pawlik, Co-founder & Co-CEO of Dripos, highlighted the challenges faced by coffee shop owners in managing multiple software solutions for their operations. Dripos offers the first true all-in-one solution, streamlining business processes and empowering coffee shop owners to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The success of Dripos resonates deeply with its customer base, such as Manny Caral, owner of Revolucion Coffee + Juice, who switched to Dripos from multiple standalone solutions. Dripos has enabled Revolucion Coffee + Juice to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience.

Dripos’ impressive traction and growth are attributed to its dedicated team and visionary leadership, with the co-founders boasting over eight years of experience in building food tech startups. The company has also received support from prominent angel investors, including Michael Siebel of Y Combinator and Shyam Rao, founder of Punchh.

Caroline Broder, Principal at Base10 Partners, emphasized the significance of Dripos’ platform in empowering small business owners in the real economy. By providing a comprehensive business-in-a-box solution, Dripos enables coffee shops to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to customers and employees.

With the Series A funding, Dripos aims to further enhance its platform and expand its reach in the coffee shop market, continuing to innovate and support small business owners in the industry.

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