DRiP Haus Acquires Vault Music


DRiP Haus, an Austin, TX-based provider of a Solana-based creator platform, has acquired Vault Music, a provider of a limited-edition music platform on the Solana blockchain. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Key Aspects of the Acquisition

  • Integration: Vault Music drops and users will transition to the DRiP platform, aligning with the upcoming release of DRiP’s mobile app.
  • Enhancement: The acquisition aims to enhance the experience for musicians and on-chain music collectors in the Solana ecosystem.
  • Mobile App: DRiP will release its tier-1 mobile app on Android and iOS later this summer, which will include a natively embedded wallet and music-specific features to ease the onboarding process for non-crypto music fans.

Leadership and Vision

  • Vault Music: Led by CEO Kara Burney, Vault Music allows artists to create exclusive, limited-edition music releases, providing new revenue streams and ensuring artists benefit from every resold release. Vault has released over 100 music drops annually from artists like FLETCHER, Kids That Fly, Caroline Rose, AKTHESAVIOR, Naika, and BLÜ EYES.
  • DRiP: Led by CEO Vibhu Norby, DRiP is a creator platform on the Solana blockchain that allows artists and creators to distribute digital works such as art and music to their followers. DRiP focuses on providing a mainstream-friendly user experience and is expanding its content offerings to include news, video, and podcasts.

Future Plans

  • Mobile App Features: The app, currently in alpha testing, will feature a natively embedded wallet automatically created for users and highly requested music-specific features.
  • Expansion: The acquisition and app release are part of DRiP’s strategy to expand the types of content and experiences available to creators and their audiences on the platform.

This acquisition strengthens DRiP’s position in the Solana ecosystem and enhances its capabilities to serve musicians and on-chain music collectors with a more comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

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