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Nanosys is a leading provider of advanced materials for the display and lighting industries. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Milpitas, California.

Nanosys’ core technology is based on quantum dots, which are tiny semiconductor particles that emit light when excited by energy. The company’s Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) is a patented technology that allows LCD displays to produce more vivid and lifelike colors. Nanosys’ QDEF technology is used by a wide range of manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, and Hisense.

Nanosys’ materials are also used in other applications, including solid-state lighting, photovoltaics, and biomedical imaging. The company’s mission is to create sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that improve people’s lives.

Nanosys is a recognized leader in the industry and has won numerous awards for its technology and innovation. The company has a strong focus on research and development and has invested heavily in creating new products and technologies. With the ongoing demand for high-quality displays and sustainable solutions, Nanosys is well-positioned to continue to grow and succeed in the future.

Nanosys Highlights:

  • Nanosys annual revenue is $7.7M.
  • Nanosys total funding is $246.7M.
  • Nanosys valuation is $200M.
  • Nanosys located in Milpitas, CA.
  • Nanosys number of employees is 107.
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    Nanosys is located in Milpitas, CA.
    Nanosys total funding is $246.7M.
    Nanosys valuation is $200M.
    Nanosys revenue is $7.7M.
    Nanosys’s number of employees is 107.
    Nanosys’s CEO name is Jason Hartlove.
    Nanosys was founded in 2001.
    Nanosys’s contact email is
    Nanosys’s contact phone number is (408) 240 6700.