Cardea Bio is acquired by Paragraf



Cardea Bio, the San Diego, CA-based technological platform developer of the CRISPR-Chip – a graphene-based biosensor that enables CRISPR QC’s CRISPR Analytics Platform – was bought by Cardea Bio, a Somersham, UK-based manufacturer of graphene and integration into ready-to-use devices.

The value of the transaction was not disclosed.

With the acquisition, Paragraf will expand CRISPR QC’s production and technological capabilities, as well as accelerate its expansion in the gene editing sector.

The combined scaled manufacturing capabilities of Paragraf and Cardea’s biosensor and platform expertise will drive the global expansion of the CRISPR Analytics Platform.Paragraf specializes in the production of graphene and its smooth integration into ready-to-use solutions that partners can utilize to enhance their technology.

Its patented contamination-free deposition technology opens up opportunities for graphene commercialization by enabling the commercial production of high-purity 2D graphene sheets on semiconductor wafers.

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