, an education startup, has opened enrollment with $29 million in funding

by, the company transforming higher education by making community college accessible across the country, announced today that it has opened enrollment with $29 million in funding from Discord founder Jason Citron, OpenAI founder Sam Altman, Figma founder Dylan Field, former Stripe Issuing head Lachy Groom, Bloomberg Beta, Founders Fund, Rethink Education, Reach Capital, and Precursor Ventures, among others.

Campus is an authorized college that offers associate degrees and certificate programs both online and in person.

Unlike most typical community schools, Campus Scholars online degree programs are taught by a network of professors who also teach at top universities and HBCUs such as Princeton, Spelman, NYU, and Vanderbilt.

Tuition for these programs is less than the maximum Pell Grant award, allowing many students to avoid paying tuition out of pocket.

Inspired by CUNY’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP), each student is provided with the resources they need to succeed academically, such as a free laptop, free WiFi, limitless tutoring, and individual support coaches.

Campus allows academics to complement their existing teaching revenue – the average Campus professor has raised their annual salary by 20%. is a new online alternative to traditional community college designed for students who are thinking about going to community college but wish they had more accessible high-quality options for getting started.

Campus provides live classes with top-tier experts from prominent universities, all while decreasing students’ out-of-pocket expenses.

Campus combines the greatest components of traditional and online education, as well as the skills and support needed to ensure every student’s academic success, with wraparound support provided by professional advisors, live office hours, and free coaching services.



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