Freon Logistics, a California-based Carrier Company Files for Bankruptcy


Freon Logistics, based in Bakersfield, California, declared bankruptcy earlier this week. According to media sources, the abrupt filing startled employees, kept them waiting for paychecks, and left many stranded.

A Bravo Street Media TikTok video report posted on the Kern County Activities account shows drivers protesting at Freon Logistics’ offices.

According to the footage, the drivers complained about not being paid for weeks. Some claimed to be owed thousands of dollars, even up to $17,000. According to the report, drivers were stranded on the road because their company equipment and fuel cards were not working.

According to records filed Nov. 8 in the Eastern District of California U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the corporation is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to KBAK/Bakerfield Now. CEO Hardeep Singh signed the forms. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy debtor usually proposes a reorganization plan to keep the firm running. The debtor retains ownership of the company.

According to the KBAK report, one Freon Logistics driver reported needing to spend $450 of his own money to pay for a tire for the truck to return home from Utah.

According to the KBAK investigation, Freon’s safety manager Bill Prough stated that the business intended to compensate its employees.

Freon Group, according to its website, provides less-than-truckload and truckload services, as well as intermodal, repair and maintenance, and warehousing.

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