Bigeye Acquires Data Advantage Group


San Francisco-based data observability company Bigeye has acquired Data Advantage Group, a provider of the MetaCenter metadata collection and data lineage platform. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

With the integration of Data Advantage Group’s data lineage capabilities, Bigeye can automatically map data lineage across various data infrastructure components such as transactional databases, ETL platforms, data lakes, data warehouses, and business intelligence tools. This acquisition enhances Bigeye’s data observability offering by providing customers with a comprehensive view of data pipelines. The team from Data Advantage Group will be retained by Bigeye, and the new capabilities will be gradually rolled out to Bigeye’s enterprise customers through regular product launches.

Data Advantage Group, founded by Geoffrey Arone, specializes in metadata collection, change control, and data governance. Their MetaCenter platform enables enterprises in sectors such as financial services, industrial, government, and healthcare to manage metadata and ensure data governance.

Bigeye, led by CEO Kyle Kirwan, provides a data observability platform that helps data engineering and science teams ensure data reliability. Their automated data quality monitoring, machine learning-powered anomaly detection, and granular root cause analysis are used by organizations like Zoom, Confluent, Unity, and a U.S. national intelligence agency to detect and resolve data issues before they impact business operations.

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