Basel-based Allegria Therapeutics raised $3.5 million seed round


Allegria Therapeutics, based in Basel, Switzerland, has secured $3.5 million in seed financing led b Forty51 Ventures to advance its innovative treatments for mast cell-mediated diseases.

Allegria Therapeutics, founded in 2023 by Forty51 Ventures, is dedicated to revolutionizing the treatment of allergy and mast cell-mediated inflammatory diseases.

Maria van Dongen, PhD, a co-founder of the company, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer. Dr. van Dongen brings extensive experience from her previous roles in the pharmaceutical industry, including work on RNA processing and the discovery of peptide-based therapeutics.

Allegria Therapeutics focuses on developing treatments for allergy and inflammatory diseases by targeting mast cells, which play a key role in these conditions. Despite the significant impact of these diseases on patients’ lives and the limited treatment options available, Allegria aims to provide more effective solutions through its proprietary therapeutic approaches.

The company collaborates with renowned experts in mast cell biology and drug discovery, such as Prof. Marcus Maurer from Berlin’s Charité and Dr. Philipp Starkl from the Medical University of Vienna.

Forty51 Ventures has been crucial in supporting Allegria as an early-stage investor and operational partner. Allegria was established in Basel, a prominent hub for biotech and pharmaceutical innovation.

Forty51 Ventures specializes in forming biotech companies and leads early financing rounds for its portfolio, which includes academia, pharmaceutical, and biotech spin-outs.

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