ArenaCX Raises $4.2 Million in Funding



ArenaCX, the world’s first outsourcing management platform, announced today that it has raised an additional $4.2 million in capital to drive future growth.

Eagle Ventures, Sovereign’s Capital, Beyond Capital, Triangle Tweener Fund, and other investors contributed to the fundraising.

ArenaCX has drastically transformed the talent outsourcing process since its inception in 2020. They’ve coupled a world-class roster of outsourcing firms with a technology-enabled marketplace platform and a concierge to help businesses navigate the process of augmenting teams with outside talent partners.

ArenaCX has one of the world’s largest resource pools for outsourced talent, with over 100 approved, best-of-breed partners. ArenaCX is the best location to find world-class global talent in customer service, sales and marketing, accounting and bookkeeping, HR and recruiting, and administrative and back office support.

ArenaCX unveiled the “Get Labor” option earlier this year, a “click-for-labor” button available to the 180,000 customers of top customer service software provider Zendesk. ArenaCX is quickly becoming the chosen labor bolt-on for huge technological ecosystems, with additional partnerships in the works.

ArenaCX is the first tech-powered marketplace platform in the US for business process outsourcing (BPO). ArenaCX curates and vets BPO partners, using data and industry expertise, to provide an enterprise-level outsourcing RFP experience to companies of all sizes.

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