Anduril Gears Up with Acquisition of Blue Force Technologies and Their Fury Unmanned Fighter Jet


Anduril Industries, the venture-backed defense tech giant, is making waves in the autonomous systems space with its acquisition of Blue Force Technologies, the advanced design and engineering firm responsible for creating the “Fury” unmanned fighter jet.

This strategic move allows Anduril to bolster its portfolio of autonomous solutions tailored for national security applications.

The acquisition places Anduril in a prime position to capitalize on what its Chief Strategy Officer, Christian Brose, deems “the most important space with regard to autonomous aircraft.” Autonomous fighter jets, epitomized by the Fury, offer attributes crucial for addressing current security challenges, particularly the escalating competition in the Indo-Pacific region and the evolving threats posed by nations like China.

These attributes include long-range capabilities, high-speed performance, and enhanced payload capacity—characteristics synonymous with fighter jets.

Traditional manned fighter jets, such as Lockheed Martin’s F-35, are not only technologically complex but also exceedingly expensive. For context, Lockheed secured a deal for 398 F-35s at a staggering cost of $30 billion. Anduril envisions a different paradigm, where autonomous systems like Fury are designed to be more affordable, mass-produced, and entirely devoid of human operators.

Christian Brose emphasizes the cost differential, stating that Fury “doesn’t cost what an F-35 costs, not even close.”

Upon its eventual deployment, the Fury unmanned fighter jet will harness the power of Anduril’s Lattice AI-powered software. This software, shared across the company’s diverse range of systems, serves as a centralized orchestrator for autonomous system operations.

Earlier this year, Anduril unveiled its Lattice for Mission Autonomy platform, enabling a single human operator to coordinate multiple autonomous assets simultaneously.

The acquisition of Blue Force Technologies also extends Anduril’s presence into North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, home to the 90-person strong Blue Force team. Beyond the Fury jet, Anduril can leverage Blue Force’s expertise in composite manufacturing, tooling, and production capabilities.

Christian Brose underlines Anduril’s commitment to this strategic move, emphasizing their intention to inject significant capital and investment into Blue Force Technologies. He asserts that Anduril’s approach to acquisitions centers on acquiring teams and technologies capable of driving further innovation for the company and the nation.

Details regarding the financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. This move follows Anduril’s acquisition of solid rocket motor company Adranos earlier this year.

Evidently, acquisitions play a pivotal role in Anduril’s growth strategy, with previous purchases including Dive Technologies, Copious Imaging, and Area-I, encompassing diverse domains from underwater vehicles to surveillance drones. Anduril’s quest to redefine defense technology continues, fueled by its vision of a more agile, cost-effective, and autonomous future.

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