Activeloop Raises $11M Series A


Activeloop, a pioneering force in the realm of AI databases, has secured a significant $11 million in Series A funding, signaling a major step forward in its mission to empower enterprise companies with cutting-edge solutions. The funding round was led by prominent investors including Streamlined Ventures, Y Combinator, Samsung Next, Alumni Ventures, and Dispersion Capital, bringing Activeloop’s total funding to approximately $20 million.

At the core of Activeloop’s offerings lies Deep Lake, its industry-leading Database for AI. Deep Lake revolutionizes the way unstructured data—ranging from audio and video to images, text, and embeddings—is connected to machine learning models. By providing advanced storage capabilities and enabling accurate retrieval for machine learning tasks, Deep Lake empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data assets.

One of Activeloop’s key strengths is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Fortune 500 companies, particularly those operating in regulated sectors such as biopharma, MedTech, legal, and automotive. Renowned enterprises like Bayer Radiology and Matterport have embraced Activeloop’s database to train and fine-tune large-scale language and deep learning models, while also leveraging its robust capabilities for storing and searching vast datasets. Activeloop’s platform facilitates multi-modal retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) with unparalleled accuracy and cost-effectiveness, making it a game-changer for AI applications across industries.

Davit Buniatyan, CEO of Activeloop, highlighted the transformative impact of Deep Lake on enterprise AI initiatives, emphasizing how the platform enhances accuracy, boosts team productivity, and reduces costs compared to traditional offerings. Buniatyan noted that Activeloop feels like a “magic box” for customers, streamlining the organization and retrieval of complex unstructured data for AI applications.

Steffen Vogler, Principal Imaging Technology Scientist at Bayer Radiology, lauded Activeloop’s innovative approach, noting its ability to deliver high-accuracy results through a natural and intuitive human-machine interface.

Deep Lake’s capabilities extend beyond traditional data management, offering significant enhancements in knowledge retrieval accuracy, particularly with Large Language Models (LLMs). Moreover, its AI-native embedded architecture ensures seamless integration and deployment, meeting stringent security standards such as SOC-2 Type II certification. This makes Activeloop’s solution the preferred choice for enterprises seeking to leverage AI while safeguarding sensitive data.

Ullas Naik, General Partner at Streamlined Ventures, expressed confidence in Activeloop’s ability to deliver on its vision, citing the company’s solid track record and innovative approach. The new capital infusion will enable Activeloop to onboard additional enterprise customers, expand its engineering team, and continue driving advancements in AI-enabled data management and retrieval.

As Activeloop embarks on its next phase of growth fueled by this substantial investment, it remains dedicated to empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their data assets and drive AI-driven innovation across industries.

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